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Victor Possum & Cat Soft Catch Traps

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Product Summary: Victor # 1 1/2 Soft Catch Traps

Leave it to Oneida Victor ® to find even better ways

to keep them from getting away.

Soft Catch coil spring wildlife traps represent a trapping

system that not only holds captured possum

feral cats etc,but virtually eliminates trap induced and

self inflicted injury.

Soft Catch wildlife trap incorporate unprecedented

advances in trap design.

A shock absorbing spring works together with swivels

that permit the device to rotate with the animal.

Medium strength coil springs provide enough pressure

to catch but not damage the target.

Tough pads set in deep off set jaws have concave

surfaces that roll in against the foot

gripping even wet fur without slipping.

Made in USA

Contact: Trevor

MS Woodcraft Ltd

Phone: 0274371084


8.30am – 5.00pm   Monday to Friday

(Or by arranged appointment)